Hard Skin at the Grosvenor


Cheryl’s hen night with the pUKEs & Hard Skin. We drank vodka, played ukuleles, Cheryl got plastered in tacky hen night crap and Hard Skin were the finale of a brilliant night. I drew this one when I got home after the gig, and I’d had a couple of alcoholic beverages so it is a bit rubbish. I like Sean in it though, even though his trousers should have been khaki instead of blue.

Hard Skin

Hard Skin, how they look when you’ve had a few.

Rabies Babies at Happy Punk festival in France


We visited south of France for the Happy Punk festival. We fell in love with Fred’s chien Scarlet, the best punk dog ever. Pink decided to improve our fish costumes with some red tape. Ohhh la la! Rabies Babies love le France!

Rabies Babies

Rabies Babies play a song for Scarlet at the Happy Punk Festival in France

Rabies Babies

Pink taped us up.

Scarlet the dog

Scarlet le Chien