Good Throb @ the Lexington 20/12/14


The Xmas gig that nearly broke me. A Xmas selection box of the best punk bands. All different. All brilliant. Interrobang?! used to be in Chumbawamba, Good Throb are a band that I should have seen before, PKN were charming and have the best drummer, and Hard Skin are the greatest. The DJ that played records in between the bands was crap so we went downstairs to a sea of pissed up office workers in Christmas jumpers.


Euros Childs at the Red Hedgehog. 6 Dec 2014


A small and beautiful gig with solo Euros Childs playing his new album as the first act and then a set of ‘hits’ as the second part of the evening. Euros Childs was brilliant as usual. His between-song banter included sharing with us that this was his first time performing wearing a vest under his t-shirt, and the vest in question could well be his dad’s. The piano was a bit dodgy though, it sounded like an old school piano.

The venue is a bit dusty, and beer is expensive.

Euros, wearing his dad’s vest under his t-shirt.