Sauna Youth, London, Oct 2016


We had to fight through the saturday night life of Shoreditch to get there,
past the moody bouncers, and down concrete stairs,
to a friendly grey basement with a bar and a stage.

Sauna Youth gave 30 minutes of high-energy repetitive-beat punk-rock.
We were compelled to 30 minutes of non-stop head-nod, bruise-collecting arm-flailing, and size 9 docs thrashing scarily above my head as crowd surfers got too close for comfort.

There was no encore, Sauna Youth gave us their all, and I loved every song.

Sauna Youth

Good Throb @ the Lexington 20/12/14


The Xmas gig that nearly broke me. A Xmas selection box of the best punk bands. All different. All brilliant. Interrobang?! used to be in Chumbawamba, Good Throb are a band that I should have seen before, PKN were charming and have the best drummer, and Hard Skin are the greatest. The DJ that played records in between the bands was crap so we went downstairs to a sea of pissed up office workers in Christmas jumpers.


May 2013 – Munster Raving Loony Party

The Felines

This was the first of my band drawings, the Felines are from Denmark and are incredibly drawable.

Thee Gravemen

The stars of the party! I think that thee Gravemen are from London (or thereabouts) they had a cool ghoul dancer.

The Voladoras

The Voladoras are from Sweden. They have big hair, big shoes and big garage sound! I love them!

The Munster Raving Loony Party is a fantastic fiesta of 60s garage music, held in a 70s style hotel in sunny Piñeda del Mar in Spain.